Policy Note 14: Tracking the Performance of the Malawi Agricultural Sector

In June 2012, a Technical Working Group on Monitoring and Evaluation (TWG on M&E) was established in Malawi to track agricultural sector performance under the overarching sector strategy, the Agricultural Sector Wide Approach (ASWAP). The TWG on M&E brings together a wide variety of stakeholders representing the public sector, non-state actors, and development partners. Each stakeholder provides updates on key indicators considered critical for evaluating the performance of Malawi’s agriculture sector. Over the period September 2011 to September 2012, an analysis of the consolidated indicator set reveals that some aspects of the agriculture sector improved greatly, while others have either stagnated or declined.

By Malawi’s Agricultural Sector Wide Approach Technical Working Group on Monitoring and Evaluation (ASWAP TWG on M&E), 2013

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