Compact 2025 Initiative to hold Roundtable Discussion in Malawi

Malawian father shucking beans. Source: Mitchell Maher (IFPRI), 2016

Malawian father shucking beans. Source: Mitchell Maher (IFPRI), 2016

In the coming year Malawi is likely to face its largest humanitarian crisis of the decade. This dire situation, in spite of continued action by government and development partners, raises the question of what must be done to sustainably address hunger and undernutrition in this country. A new IFPRI initiative attempts to answer this question.

Compact2025, launched in November 2015, is a new global initiative for ending hunger and undernutrition by 2025. The initiative currently engaging with four focal countries – Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Malawi, and Rwanda – to help develop and implement strategic actions that accelerate the end of hunger and undernutrition. Compact2025 will provide evidence-based support to national and international efforts and initiatives – such as SUN, SDG2, and CAADP – to achieve greater impact faster.

On May 26th, the Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima, a member of the C2025 Leadership Council, will open the Malawi Roundtable Discussion in Lilongwe. We anticipate 60 to 70 national stakeholders from different sectors will participate in this all-day event, which will be structured around several roundtable discussions focused on the identification of knowledge gaps and opportunities for accelerating progress to end hunger and undernutrition in Malawi by 2025. We anticipate open and frank discussions that include the unique insights of all participants. Next steps after the event include the development of a road map for progress in Malawi.

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