The Food-Energy-Water Nexus Video

A new video was developed by the Food-Energy-Water Nexus Project in Malawi, a collaboration of Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural ResourcesUniversity of Hohenheim, Germany, and the International Food Policy Research Institute. Food security, energy, and water constitute basic needs of households. Commonly, interventions of policymakers or other stakeholders which target the necessities of households only focus on one of these needs. However, the supply of food, energy and water depends on a complex and interrelating system of natural resources. The Food Security-Energy-Water (FEW) Nexus project has been exploring efficient policy solutions across several countries, which account for the competing demand of sectors on natural resources. This video explains challenges related to extreme deforestation, caused in large part by households attempting to meet their basic energy requirements. The video describes the longer-term implications for the environment, food production and human health, the urgent need for meeting basic energy requirements in a sustainable manner, and the role of improved cookstoves in meeting this need.