Global Food Policy Report 2018 Launches

IFPRI has just launched the 2018 Global Food Policy Report, a flagship publication which reviews major food policy developments and events in the past year and looks ahead through 2018. The theme for this year’s report is globalization, examining how current changes in the flow of goods, investments, people and information impact global food system.

Results from this year’s report explore how globalization, trade, migration and information impact food security and efforts to reduce hunger, poverty and malnutrition. The report discusses how changes like rising anti-globalism and new technologies act as threats to or opportunities for progress. Addressing these trends can help ensure that food systems can end hunger and malnutrition for all. In addition, integrating national food systems through trade, investments, people and knowledge will be key to progress. Trade can contribute to both food security and nutrition by contributing to the food security, through food availability, access, utilization and stability of supply. International investments in agriculture can help the world meet the Sustainable Development Goal of zero hunger by boosting food security, nutrition and supporting development. Voluntary migration can improve food security for both the migrants and the families left behind by raising incomes and reducing the pressure on resources. Finally, open data can improve performance of food systems and achieve global food and nutrition security.

Results for Africa show that there is expected to be moderately higher economic growth on the continent in 2018. However, this expected growth is vulnerable - there is a need to reverse the decline in agricultural expenditure growth and increase investments to boost agriculture productivity. In addition, African countries need to promote more inclusive development programs to make agriculture more nutrition sensitive. With the continued threats to food security, efforts to enhance resilience should include early warning systems and strengthening social protection.

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Download the full 2018 Global Food Policy Report.