MaSSP Report: The state of agricultural extension and advisory services provision in Malawi

  Though Malawi has made some recent progress in increasing agricultural production and economic growth as well as reducing food insecurity, undernutrition and food insecurity remain widespread with 37 percent of children under five being stunted according to the 2015/16 Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) and 6.7 million people estimated to be in need of >> Read more

MaSSP Report: Mapping the Linkages between agriculture, food security and nutrition in Malawi

In spite of rapid small-holder led economic growth in Malawi over the past decade, almost half of all children under five years of age in Malawi still suffer from undernutrition. Although some of these children may be getting enough to eat in terms of total calories, few are consuming sufficient quantities of nutrient-rich foods—meat, fish, eggs, >> Read more

Strengthening the Agricultural Statistics System

IFPRI has been working closely with the National Statics Office (NSO) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (MoAFS) to strengthen agricultural statistics in Malawi. At the national level, the "Support to Agricultural Statistics in Malawi" program (AgStats) helped establish a functional Agricultural Statistics Forum (ASF) that brings together different stakeholders that generate national level >> Read more