Dennis Ochieng

Dr. Dennis Ochieng received his PhD in Agricultural Economics from Georg-August University of Goettingen, Germany and holds a Masters in Agricultural and Applied Economics from Egerton University/University of Pretoria. His research interests are in global agri-food systems transformation and its implications in the small farm sector in developing countries. Prior to joining IFPRI, he was food security programme manager, implementing SORUDEV/ZEAT-BEAD projects in South Sudan on linking farmers to input and output markets and strengthening their resilience in post-conflict contexts. He has worked with CIAT and UNWFP (P4P pilot) on similar themes in Africa, Asia and Central America.

Featured publications:

  • Ochieng, D. O., Veettil, P. C., & Qaim, M. (2017). Farmers’ preferences for supermarket contracts in Kenya. Food Policy, 68, 100–111.
  • Ochieng, D. O. (2017). Supermarket contracts, income, and changing diets of farm households: Panel data evidence from Kenya (GlobalFood Discussion Papers No. 104). University of Goettingen. Retrieved from

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