Upcoming Launch of AgStats Strategic Master Plan

The agricultural statistics sub-sector has developed ‘The Agricultural Statistics Strategic Master Plan (SMP)’ in order to improve integration, coordination, harmonization, and implementation of agricultural statistics in Malawi. The SMP, to be formally launched soon, is expected to guide improvements in the quality, standards, accuracy, reliability, timely release, and accessibility of agricultural statistics. In addition, it >> Read more

Discussion Paper 1335: Agricultural policy processes and the youth in Malawi

Associate Research Fellow Mariam Mapila recently published an IFPRI Discussion Paper on the timely topic of youth in agriculture, a policy issue gaining prominence on the global agenda. Evidence exists which shows growing disillusionment with and disinterest in agricultural-based livelihoods among the youth in Africa south of the Sahara. This disillusionment raises concerns for the future of agriculture >> Read more

Strengthening the Agricultural Statistics System

IFPRI has been working closely with the National Statics Office (NSO) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (MoAFS) to strengthen agricultural statistics in Malawi. At the national level, the "Support to Agricultural Statistics in Malawi" program (AgStats) helped establish a functional Agricultural Statistics Forum (ASF) that brings together different stakeholders that generate national level >> Read more

Policy Note 12: Research Capacity for Operationalization of the Malawi ASWAp

The Agricultural Sector-Wide Approach (ASWAp) aims to support priority activities in the agricultural sector in Malawi that would increase agricultural productivity, reduce hunger, enable people access to nutritious foods, and increase the contribution of agro-processing to economic growth. ASWAp directly supports the objective of the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS) of reducing poverty and >> Read more