Policy Note 20: Challenges to soya export promotion: An institutional analysis of trade policy in Malawi

This policy note summarizes the results of the full study on the challenges of broadening Malawi's export base from largely tobacco-dominated to include other high potential commodities like soya.  This study hypothesizes that there are institutional barriers impeding consistent growth in soya exports and seek to identify the critical ones and undertakes an institutional analysis of the soya export >> Read more

Working Paper 2: Political economy of agricultural producer support in Malawi

Malawi has struggled to achieve sustained agricultural growth over the last four decades. As such there is need for increased investment and supportive policies if greater success is to be realized. As a prerequisite to identifying the role that improved policies and investment can play, a better understanding is needed of the incentives that producers >> Read more

Working Paper 1: Neopatrimonialism and Agricultural Protection: The case of maize in Malawi

This empirical study uses data from 1970 to 2010 to estimate levels of neopatrimonialism in Malawi. We then test how neopatrimonialism has affected policy-induced agriculture producer incentives. Three dimensions are used to measure neopatrimonialism – systematic clientelism, a power concentration index, and control of corruption. All were negatively related to the level of producer support >> Read more