Working Paper 10: Analysis of the effectiveness of modern information and communication technologies on maize marketing efficiency in Malawi markets

In 2004, the government of Malawi introduced the Malawi Agriculture Commodity Exchange under the Initiative for Development and Equity in African Agriculture program, which promoted modern information and communication technologies (ICT) to improve access to agricultural market information for both suppliers and buyers of market produce. Using co-integration error correction models, this study assesses the >> Read more

Working Paper 7: Spatial price integration among selected bean markets in Malawi: A threshold autoregressive model approach

This research examines the extent of market integration among different bean markets across Malawi. Market integration is an indicator that efficiency exists within the flow of information between markets. The study focused on beans as they are a cheap source of protein affordable by the majority of rural smallholder farmers. Market price data for beans was >> Read more

Working Paper 3: Maize Prices and Evidence of Spatial Integration in Malawi

This study tests the long-run and short-run integration of maize markets in Malawi using the co-integration approach within the Vector Autoregressive modeling framework. The analysis is extended to Wald-F Granger Causality tests to see the direction of causality between maize markets. A total of six maize markets, two from each region, were analyzed. Three are >> Read more