Working Paper 11: Challenges to soya export promotion: An institutional analysis of trade policy in Malawi

Malawi relies heavily on tobacco for export earnings. One strategy for promoting a more stable and vibrant economy is to diversify away from tobacco and broaden its export base to high potential commodities like soya. This study hypothesizes that there are institutional barriers impeding consistent growth in soya exports and seek to identify the critical >> Read more

Soya Export Bans and Applying Net-Map to Trade Policy Reform in Malawi

Export bans, export license requirements, and other non-tariff barriers (NTB’s) faced by exporters of agricultural commodities have been the subject of much public discourse in Malawi of late. At the May 2014 "Trade, Industry and Private Sector Development Sector Wide Approach (TIPSWAp)" quarterly meeting, ministry officials, private sector representatives, and development partners launched a discussion on >> Read more

Policy Note 10: Trade Integration in the Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons for Malawi Trade Policy

Trade integration is a potentially powerful driver of economic growth in developing countries, particularly if it creates export opportunities and promotes value addition in manufacturing sectors. Given the prominence of agriculture in Sub-Saharan African countries-both as a source of employment and as an earner of foreign exchange-increased market access for agricultural exports is a common >> Read more